Walking on the Spiritually Wild Side

Experience an inspirational and uplifting health, spiritual and sustainable lifestyle event at the Conscious Living Expo and Conference running from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 August 2015 at the Australian Technology Park Conference Centre in Eveleigh. The event is showcasing the five elements of living consciously: Earth, Food Health, Arts and Spirit. Creating connections for the expansion of consciousness and inspiring people to co-create a sustainable way of living is the purpose of the events.

Conscious Living Expo and Conference provide a local and global platform for emerging speakers, authors, musicians, and artists to showcase their ideas, to express their purpose and vision in contributing to a more conscious world. It also encourages businesses to engage in a sustainable and conscious world of peace and abundance. They are connecting people who are interested in walking on the spiritually wild side to live their purpose on the planet with leaders and innovators.

21 August 2015 – Friday 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
22 August 2015 – Saturday 9:30 am – 6:30 pm.
23 August 2015 – Sunday 9:30 am – 5:30pm.
Venue: Australian Technology Park Sydney
2 Locomotive St Eveleigh NSW 2015

The 3 day expo features over 80 leading businesses and practitioners in organic food & nutrition, health & wellbeing, sustainable eco-living, spirituality and creative arts. Participants can attend workshops, seminars as well as meet leading authors and experts in health and sustainable living. Experiential healing and meditations, as well as intuitive consultations, natural therapy treatments and workshops are also included.

Participants can sample and purchase healthy organic products, attend talks, discussion panels and meditations with leading authors and practitioners of natural therapies, spiritual and psychic development. Live music and variety of performances can also be enjoyed. Some of the attractions available include complementary medicine, natural therapies, organic food and nutrition, natural beauty, eco-friendly solutions, conscious parenting, creative arts, holistic business and career opportunities, celebrity clairvoyant mediums, psychics and a lot more.

Alongside the expo is a 3-day Conference with 15 keynote speakers on the new paradigm of collaborative co-creative success.

Conference Speakers:
Robert Kirby – Heart Centred Business & Relationships
Shakti Durga – Ignite your Spirit
Chris James – Conscious presence communication
Isira Sananda – Awaken you
Mason Taylor – Conscious Food for a Conscious World
Heather Pope – Senior Corporate Executive with a passion for women’s health
Russel Setright – Diet and Nutrition for Success
Donna Gianniotis – True harmony through Yoga
Quentin Strauli – Is there still a place for passion in your business
Nikki White – Competition is Out – Collaboration is in
Katrena Friel – 10 Secrets to Business Success
Cameron Little – Green Customer Choices
Jeevi Ramtel – Raw Desserts Master Class
Lorri Loca – Foodie Dream to Reality

Conference Schedule
Friday 2.30pm-5pm Shifting to the New Earth Conference
David Lubimoff & Dr. Lana Lubimoff – Universal Soul Love
Brendan D. Murphy – Solutions to the Matrix and the Global Conspiracy: Getting Awake, Aware and Empowered
Gerard Bini – Energetic Shifts on the Planet

6.30-8.30pm Conscious Living Conference
Chris James – Conscious Presence, Communication and True Listening
Donna Gianniotis – Yoga, Healing and Breast Cancer
Robert Kirby – Heart Centred Relationships

Saturday 9.30am-12pm Fueling and Energising
Russell Setright – Diet for Success: Promoting good nutrition and lifestyle in a company can increase productivity and job satisfaction.
Mason Taylor – Unifying Health, Abundance and Purpose
Chris James – Voice Tune up – Find your voice, de-stress and let your spirit soar
Cameron Little – Green Shopping Consumer Choices

Saturday 12.30-2.15pm Raw Desserts Master Class with Jeevi Ramtel and Hannah Ubl

Saturday 5pm-6.30pm Foodie Dream to Reality: Workshop with Foodie Coach, Lorri Loca

Saturday 2.30pm-5pm
Shakti Durga -Ignite Your Spirit – Wake up the World
Robert Kirby – Jump Start Your Business with Heart
Heather Pope – Finding your Purpose on Everything
Shanti Music

Sunday 9.30am-12pm
Isira Sananda – Awakening You
Quentin Strauli – Is there Still a Place for Passion in Your Business?
Patricia Hamilton Interviews Robert Kirby

Sunday 2.30pm-5.00pm
Nikki White – Competition is out – Collaboration is in
Katrena Friel – 10 Secrets for Refreshing Business Success
Christine Reid – Leap of Faith Tours


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