Planning To Go Rafting In Thailand? Here is what you need to know

rafting experience thailandThailand is a beautiful tourist destination for anyone looking for unique outdoor activities in Southeast Asia. In the past, water rafting has grown to be one of the most popular water sports. The adrenaline that comes from hurtling down at terrific speeds with nothing but a rubber raft and protective gear makes this sport as endearing as it is energetic. In addition, tourists have the option of settling for a more quiet adventure by taking on the beauty of the verdant jungles and majestic mist-spraying waterfalls while floating on the rivers. Welcome to the Thailand rafting experience.

There are several locations where adventurous tourists can indulge in water rafting. Some of the choice options for this outdoor adventure include Geng Hin Poeg, Umphang and Pai. Geng Hin Poeg is close to another beautiful destination known as Panchiburi. Umphang, on the other hand, is pretty remote, so if you take on this adventure, be prepared to also enjoy an expedition in the wild.

Wherever you choose to go to enjoy a Thailand rafting experience, there are a few factors that you need to put into consideration. Obtaining accurate information on the rafting adventure is actually the first step towards enjoying the experience. The next section outlines some of the things that need to be considered when planning for a rafting trip.

Rafting Season

This is perhaps the most important factor as it determines the kind of adventure one is set to experience. The best time to go rafting in Thailand is between July and February. This is because the rainy season in Thailand lasts between May and September. During this period leading up to February, the forests are lush and green, and the rivers vibrant, which is what makes water rafting quite the experience. What’s more, visitors who can schedule their trips before December get to enjoy flexible rates as tourism peaks between December and February.

Particulars of the rafting experience

Water rafting is both an exhilarating outdoor adventure and a sporty one, so it demands a certain level of fitness. In line with this, the choice rafting company may put in place age restrictions depending on the stipulated terms and conditions. Since this is a group sport, tourists may need to form a team prior to the adventure, or plan to meet up with other outdoor lovers on location.

However, the latter is tricky when tourism is low since the number of people present may not warrant the water rafting adventure. Tourists must also note that for many rafting companies, they have to book in advance to secure their slots for a particular rafting schedule. Rafting equipment is usually included in the package cost, but it is important to confirm this ahead of the trip.

Choice of rafting tour

Depending on the select tour company, tourists get to choose between private rafting tours and customized tours. This is often determined by the budget available as well as the preferred rafting destinations, alongside extras such as food, refreshments and accommodation.

Water rafting is an exciting experience, and certainly one of the most fascinating ways to enjoy amazing Thailand. For the trip to be a success, however, tourists need to plan well in advance. There are a number of companies that offer rafting services, so it helps to check respective websites and make advance bookings. This ensures a seamless and memorable water adventure in Thailand’s magical waters.


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