Libido Stretching Sydney Weekends: Sex With Professionals

When Justin Bieber was in Brazil, he enjoyed the whole week partying and apparently, sleeping with escorts. According to reports, he was caught going out of a posh brothel in Rio. After he left the area, two Latina prostitutes inside a guarded vehicle was seen following his convoy.

Just last year, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents were found to have organised sex parties involving prostitutes. The shocking part was that it was financed by drug cartels. They might have enjoyed their libido that stretched up until the weekend, but for sure they won’t find their weekends pleasurable while they are behind bars.

Men and Prostitutes

They say that the “fondness” of men in the arms of prostitutes can be traced as early as the pyramids. A survey shows that 15% of Australians had paid for sex. One of the reasons cited is that they want to f*ck hotter women, and that you can only find them in brothels and escort agencies. A one night stand with an escort also presents an uncomplicated way of a “no strings attached kind of sex.”

The sex industry is so huge that visiting the red light district is one of the things to do in Sydney. Rumour has it that there is a brothel in the city that offers an all-you-can-f*ck women. Now that would be a good way to cap off your weekend.

According to reports, this brothel’s promo also includes unlimited drinks. For a certain amount (around $150 or so), you can have all the sex and beer you want. The place is open daily, although it is best to experience their wildest offering on weekends.

Wild Nights in Sydney

Due to an array of interesting men and women who work as escorts, prostitutes and male for hire, tourists and businessmen flock the city’s red light district. College guys, and sometimes girls, who would want to end their parties with a bang also seek the arms of these professional sex workers. They either find these escorts online or actually visit a brothel.

Everyone can be wild even just for a weekend in this city. After all, whatever happens in Sydney stays in Sydney.


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