Hot Asian Nights in Sydney

People love to spend the rest of their evening looking for delectable dishes as they go over town. This is the perfect time to relax and unwind as you are done from work. Asian cuisine has been popular in Sydney especially with the unique and distinct flavors that they bring into the table. Hot Asian nights in Sydney are becoming well known making it a must try for the community.

One of the most popular Asian culinary that happens once a year in Sydney are the famous night noodle markets that is available in October or November depending on the location. Here you will find a huge variety of Asian cuisine served fresh and hot along with the usual stalls, the smoky atmosphere, the sizzling sounds and the heaving crowds. Noodles of course, aren’t the only dishes that will be served as they a huge selection of cuisine from varying stalls. As such, Sydney night noodle markets are something that both the local communities as well as tourists look forward to in Sydney.

Since night noodle markets are not available on regular day to day basis, it can be a bit disheartening to find that you’ve either miss the event or perhaps arrived too early. With that being said, it is good to hear that one will not be finding any shortage of Asian inspired restaurants to satisfy your cravings for an authentic late night dining cuisine that available all throughout the year in Sydney.

For instance, Golden Century Seafood Restaurant just as their name implies, provides a diverse selection of fresh seafood dishes for their customers to try out. This include live abalone and lobster sashimi, steamed scallops, steamed live prawns, deep fried mud crab and many more.

If Korean dishes are your liking, you will be pleased to find Daejangkum in Sydney which is known for their Korean BBQ. This however, is different from your average everyday barbecue especially since cooking is done in their customer’s table directly. This is made possible with the self-exhaustion system that is found in every DJK’s table BBQ roaster. As such, you will be able to see your dishes get cooked right in front of your eyes. Their meals come with a combination of beef, pork, chicken, pork belly, kimchi, prawn, baby octopus, beef spare ribs etc.

Being able to taste the different flavors of Asian cuisine is indeed a very exciting experience. Chat Thai specializes in Thai delicacies that are perfect for late night dining. They have grilled pork skewers, chicken stay skewers, grilled pork dumplings, steamed wonton dumplings, steamed egg custard, fresh spring rolls, prawn cakes, marinated pork loin and the list goes on.

Another noteworthy restaurant to add to your list is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken which is a Taiwanese Restaurants that provides takeaway & fast food. This is perfect if you want to keep moving in the evening while your grab a bite. Here you will find large fried chicken available in original and crispy flavor, chicken bites, sweet potato, mushrooms and curly fries.

The night is young and there are still a lot of Asian restaurants that were not included in this list. Finding these restaurants is part of the journey and here you will discover new locales that may cater to your preference and needs.


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