A Happy Child Makes A Happy Parent

The essentials of childhood

Your toddler only gets one shot at childhood, and what better way for him to relish this crucial chapter in his life than to have his very own cubby houses. Add a few tents, a great looking high chair to serve as his seat, and a royal cot mattress to sleep on when he’s tired from running all around the garden, and he finally has his own country, where he declares himself president at the age of five.

You’ll be surprised to know how fast your little tyke absorbs knowledge when surrounded by the right learning material and equipment. There are various kids’outdoor activities and play sets that moms and dads can choose from.

Learn and enjoy

kids outdoor - cot mattressIn this era where people have grown to become extremely dependent to the by-products of technology, it’s vital that we understand the essence of letting our children live a balanced and healthy life. We should let our kids be kids, before they get past that age. Because of overexposure to online games and social media platforms, some kids tend to forget how to enjoy the ‘real’ games.

If you compare your childhood to what your tot is doing now, the list of differences would be endless. Children of the past, way back to our ancestors, were pretty content playing ball outside the house, or throwing snow and water filled balloons at their neighbors. You’d probably recall a time when you left the house wearing a perfectly clean white shirt, and returning after an hour with dirt and sand all over your face and body, and the best part was you actually enjoyed rolling in the mud.

There were a hundred things to do with so little time, and you and your friends in the neighborhood always meet at this secret sanctuary to play your favorite game of tag. You knew how to have fun and there was always enjoyment.

Have them explore

One of the greatest fears that instinctively comes with parenthood is the fear that your child might get hurt if you let him loose or be on his own. This causes most parents to be overprotective, thus affecting the way their children interact with others. It’s true that our kids need protection and supervision, but it’s also critical that we let them have time to discover the world on their own terms, at the right time.

Let them sight see. Have them view nature and engage in different outdoor adventures. If you go back and think about it, you’ll most likely smile when you remember how his becoming a doctor started when he helped his 4-year-old friend put a band aid when she got her knee wounded.

Proper exposure to the outside world and having the right things to surround him with, have tremendous effects on how your child’s intellect gets developed and enhanced. It can start with those cubby houses, his favorite high chair, the tents you used for camping, and the cot mattress he slept on for two years straight.


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