Why Good Hotels and RestaurantsMatter During Your Travels

Two of the most influential features in any travel experience are hotels and restaurants. These details are so subtle because they are standard components of your trip. You start and end your day in the hotel and you take your obligatory meals in a restaurant. You barely notice them during your trip because your destination is always the highlight.

hotels near adelaide ovalAfter your precious travel, you take delight on how you basked in inexplicable beauty and wonder at the gem of a place that you’ve just been to. But upon deeper contemplation you realise that your reminiscence is significantly marred by your dreadful experience in a hotel that you wished you’ve never stayed in. Or, that you can still taste the atrocious, out-of-this-world cuisine that a particular restaurant offered you.

If you’re the meticulous type who wants every detail of your trip to be as completely satisfying as possible then you can do something about that.

The next time you plan for your upcoming trip, take some time to research on excellent hotels and restaurants that you must put into your travel itinerary. For example, if you are visiting tourist attractions in Adelaide then you may want to choose from the best hotels near Adelaide oval, which is located within the city centre.

Features of Hotels&Restaurants That Matter to You the Most

Prior to hunting for the perfect hotel or restaurant, ask yourself what does matter to you the most?

If you are travelling on a budget, then that does not necessarily mean you will have to force to settle on the cheapest but whose quality you are completely unaware of. Conversely, the most pricey accommodations or restaurants do not necessarily mean to be the best.

Does location also play a major deciding factor in your travel itinerary? How about added amenities in a hotel, like a fitness centre or swimming pool?

Once you’ve finalised the most important elements, then you can proceed to the other targeted details.

Booking Availability

It would be wise to choose hotels or restaurants that allow booking reservations. Book in advance your hotel stay or restaurant visit to coincide with your travel itinerary. It will not only present you with tremendous convenience but it can also provide you with flexibility; it can even give you the ability to have a taste of the full travel experience. Pre-booking allows you to try the cuisine in a particularly packed restaurant that’s famous for their dinner buffet, for example.

You don’t want to experience the horror stories of travellers getting stuck trying to get a vacancy, especially during peak seasons. The last thing that you will need upon arrival is to hunt for some place to sleep, or pay extra charge to get a premium room because it’s the only thing available.


The location of the hotel is also crucial in any trip. Usually, it’s a good choice to stay at the heart of the action, or in a location where most of the tourist attractions are. Accommodations that are placed within the centre of the city are also usually near the public transportation, bars, and food markets. These things promote convenience and help boost your travel experience.

There are many online guides that map out hotel areas and the surrounding tourist attractions, including food locations. There are also traditionally printed guidebooks that can be useful sources too.


You must also consider the safety of a particular hotel or restaurant. You want to take comfort in the fact that you are staying in a hotel where there is less chance of you or your companions being robbed off of your valuables or luggage. It is also important that you and your travel companions will be able to eat with peace and comfort in restaurants of your own choosing, so you can truly enjoy the food.

Ambience and Local Flavour

If you are looking forward to a complete local experience then add these to your travel itinerary: exotic hotel ambience and fantastic local flavour offered by a restaurant. Staying in a hotel that offers a unique setting will be something that you can talk about for ages. Similarly, tasting cuisine that is unique to the location can also make for a truly unforgettable moment.

Family Friendliness

If you are travelling as a whole family, complete with the kids and even tagging the grandparents along, then you may want to include in your options the family friendliness of a hotel or restaurant. Check for the hotel’s policies that are family-friendly. You’ll also want to eat in restaurants that will offer kid-friendly food treats. The last thing that kids want after an exhausting trip is to be forced to eat foods for grown-ups.


If you are the “green conscious” type, you may also feel the need stay in an eco-friendly accommodation to help ease your mind. Some hotels practice eco-friendly operations and even encourage their guests and the local community to take part in it. This can be a fantastic attribute of the hotel whose ingenious eco-friendly ways you can continue to implement when you get home. This could make for a really good travel memory.

If this is your thing, then you may want to visit organisations like the Green Hotels Association or the Green Globe which list which accommodations are classified as “green hotels.”


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