The Bare Facts – The Best Nudist Beaches in Australia
best nudist beaches australia


To most of us, being naked in public is a big deal so, while nudists dare to go bare, many of us blush at the thought of stripping down to our birthday suits.

Social nudity is all about the freedom of being comfortable with your body, whatever your shape is. It’s being open-minded and accepting of your own body and the bodies of others.

Here are some of the best and most recognised nudist beaches in Australia, where naturists can bare it all…

Obelisk Beach
Part of Obelisk Bay, this nudist beach in Mosman NSW is located on the southern side of the National Park area of Middle Head in Sydney Harbour. The beach tends to be quiet and tranquil as it gets low traffic and is one of the gay-friendly beaches in Inner Sydney.

Cobblers Beach
Officially sanctioned as a clothing optional beach, Cobblers is found on the northern edge of Middle Head near Mosman. This nudist beach is a favourite spot amongst quiet, respectful, and friendly people who enjoy an open and accepting setting.

Lady Bay
Lady Bay, sometimes called Lady Jane Beach is one of Australia’s oldest and most publicised legal nude beaches. It’s found on the south head entrance to Sydney Harbour in the suburb of Watson’s Bay. This tiny beach is also one of the gay-friendly beaches that welcome visitors and first timers looking for a place to be free.

Birdie Beach
Located on the North Coast, Birdie beach is one of the legal nudist beaches in NSW. There is a mainly male presence on this beach, but women will feel comfortable too, as couples also frequent the area. The ocean is also perfect for body surfing.

Sunnyside Beach
Sunnyside Beach is a legal nudist beach in Victoria. This bay beach is quite long, has beautiful golden sand with some rocks and little seaweed. You’ll find a mix of singles, couples and families on this friendly beach.

Point Impossible
Point Impossible is another one of the excellent clothing optional locations in Victoria. This family-friendly beach has an incredibly wide expanse of sand sloping up to a backdrop of huge vegetated sand dunes. The clothing optional area starts from the foot of the dunes out to 100m offshore. No one is allowed to be in the dunes as it’s a protected environmental area.

Maslin Beach
Maslin Beach or simply Maslin’s have to be the best unclad beach in South Australia. You’ll enjoy its beautiful clean water and outstanding cliffs as well as the perfectly hidden caves which can protect you from the extreme heat of the sun. The southern half of Maslin Beach was declared Australia’s first official nudist beach and is considered to be a naturist’s prized beach.

Pelican Point Beach
Pelican Point is one of the legal Australian nudist beaches located on the western shores of Lake Bonney. This beach is perfect for the adventurous nudist as they can engage in different activities such as sailing, canoeing and even hiking naked.

Alexandria Bay
Alexandria Bay is Queensland’s most popular free beach located on the eastern side of the Noosa Heads National Park. For many years, it’s been used for nude swimming and sunbathing, but still has remained unofficial in spite of many requests. You can expect quite a lot of people on the beach, especially on weekends. The southern end is where the naturists tend to flock.

Buchans Point
Buchans Point is located at the very southern end of Ellis Beach, just north of Palm Cove. It is by far the most popular unofficial clothes optional beach in this area and has been recognised as such for many years. There are no legal nude beaches in Cairns which makes Buchans Point the official unofficial nudist beach in the area.

The legality of nudist beaches in Australia depends on its state and local council. To date, the only Australian states without legal nudist beaches are Queensland and Tasmania. However, you’ll still find a number of unofficial nudist beaches in these states.





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