Australia’s Best Tourism Marketing Videos on YouTube

Marketing has gone a very long way has evolved into several shapes and form. Back then, the main means of marketing was found only through the word of mouth or in the paper. Marketing has received its fair share of innovation and changes especially with the advancement of modern technology. This in return helped it stay relevant and up to date for years to come. Marketing videos became one of the main means to convince and encourage its viewers to try out something new and fresh. Be it a product, a service or a destination, marketing videos did its job quite well providing the much needed visibility and exposure. To find the measure of its success, let us see Australia’s Best Tourism Marketing Videos on YouTube and discuss why it is effective.

The first video is quite old dating from 1984. With that being said, even with its age it is still considered to be one of the best tourism marketing videos on YouTube. First and foremost, one of the reasons behind this is with its overall length. The video is only 42 seconds short and did not definitely overstayed its welcome. Nowadays, people seem to forget how important it is to convey short and concise messages to your viewers with the video that you are showing.

Aside from its length, this tourism video is also filled with a touch of light humor which can be very funny at times. This greatly represents how fun and lighthearted the people of Australia are and that feeling alone turns Australia into a nice and happy place to visit aside from the nice attractions and locales of course that is found in the video. Finally, the lines were delivered by Australian comedian Paul Hogan adds to that extra charm.

The second video takes on a much different route keeping things fresh and interesting to its viewers. One of its main strengths can be found with its slew of different background and setting. One moment you are on the country side and next you are on the beach and this cycles repeatedly providing a different background and setting. This gives its viewers firm grasp in what to expect upon their visit to Australia. Finally it ends in a note saying “where the bloody hell are you?” delivered in not an offensive manner but as an invitation for others to come visit their country.

Today, we are more dependent on vivid images and displays along with the message that it conveys when it comes to marketing. Indeed, a tourism video will attract more attention compared to a written article. This is the reason why more and more countries are embracing tourism marketing videos wholeheartedly. However, you can’t create such videos on a whim without the necessary tools and knowledge beforehand. This is where a definitive marketing strategy can become quite handy as it helps streamline the whole process. You can find out more about such strategies by looking them up over the internet today and see other marketing videos as well.


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