Libido Stretching Sydney Weekends: Sex With Professionals

When Justin Bieber was in Brazil, he enjoyed the whole week partying and apparently, sleeping with escorts. According to reports, he was caught going out of a posh brothel in Rio. After he left the area, two Latina prostitutes inside a guarded vehicle was seen following his convoy.

Just last year, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents were found to have organised sex parties involving prostitutes. The shocking part was that it was financed by drug cartels. They might have enjoyed their libido that stretched up until the weekend, but for sure they won’t find their weekends pleasurable while they are behind bars.

Men and Prostitutes

They say that the “fondness” of men in the arms of prostitutes can be traced as early as the pyramids. A survey shows that 15% of Australians had paid for sex. One of the reasons cited is that they want to f*ck hotter women, and that you can only find them in brothels and escort agencies. A one night stand with an escort also presents an uncomplicated way of a “no strings attached kind of sex.”

The sex industry is so huge that visiting the red light district is one of the things to do in Sydney. Rumour has it that there is a brothel in the city that offers an all-you-can-f*ck women. Now that would be a good way to cap off your weekend.

According to reports, this brothel’s promo also includes unlimited drinks. For a certain amount (around $150 or so), you can have all the sex and beer you want. The place is open daily, although it is best to experience their wildest offering on weekends.

Wild Nights in Sydney

Due to an array of interesting men and women who work as escorts, prostitutes and male for hire, tourists and businessmen flock the city’s red light district. College guys, and sometimes girls, who would want to end their parties with a bang also seek the arms of these professional sex workers. They either find these escorts online or actually visit a brothel.

Everyone can be wild even just for a weekend in this city. After all, whatever happens in Sydney stays in Sydney.

Why Good Hotels and RestaurantsMatter During Your Travels

Two of the most influential features in any travel experience are hotels and restaurants. These details are so subtle because they are standard components of your trip. You start and end your day in the hotel and you take your obligatory meals in a restaurant. You barely notice them during your trip because your destination is always the highlight.

hotels near adelaide ovalAfter your precious travel, you take delight on how you basked in inexplicable beauty and wonder at the gem of a place that you’ve just been to. But upon deeper contemplation you realise that your reminiscence is significantly marred by your dreadful experience in a hotel that you wished you’ve never stayed in. Or, that you can still taste the atrocious, out-of-this-world cuisine that a particular restaurant offered you.

If you’re the meticulous type who wants every detail of your trip to be as completely satisfying as possible then you can do something about that.

The next time you plan for your upcoming trip, take some time to research on excellent hotels and restaurants that you must put into your travel itinerary. For example, if you are visiting tourist attractions in Adelaide then you may want to choose from the best hotels near Adelaide oval, which is located within the city centre.

Features of Hotels&Restaurants That Matter to You the Most

Prior to hunting for the perfect hotel or restaurant, ask yourself what does matter to you the most?

If you are travelling on a budget, then that does not necessarily mean you will have to force to settle on the cheapest but whose quality you are completely unaware of. Conversely, the most pricey accommodations or restaurants do not necessarily mean to be the best.

Does location also play a major deciding factor in your travel itinerary? How about added amenities in a hotel, like a fitness centre or swimming pool?

Once you’ve finalised the most important elements, then you can proceed to the other targeted details.

Booking Availability

It would be wise to choose hotels or restaurants that allow booking reservations. Book in advance your hotel stay or restaurant visit to coincide with your travel itinerary. It will not only present you with tremendous convenience but it can also provide you with flexibility; it can even give you the ability to have a taste of the full travel experience. Pre-booking allows you to try the cuisine in a particularly packed restaurant that’s famous for their dinner buffet, for example.

You don’t want to experience the horror stories of travellers getting stuck trying to get a vacancy, especially during peak seasons. The last thing that you will need upon arrival is to hunt for some place to sleep, or pay extra charge to get a premium room because it’s the only thing available.


The location of the hotel is also crucial in any trip. Usually, it’s a good choice to stay at the heart of the action, or in a location where most of the tourist attractions are. Accommodations that are placed within the centre of the city are also usually near the public transportation, bars, and food markets. These things promote convenience and help boost your travel experience.

There are many online guides that map out hotel areas and the surrounding tourist attractions, including food locations. There are also traditionally printed guidebooks that can be useful sources too.


You must also consider the safety of a particular hotel or restaurant. You want to take comfort in the fact that you are staying in a hotel where there is less chance of you or your companions being robbed off of your valuables or luggage. It is also important that you and your travel companions will be able to eat with peace and comfort in restaurants of your own choosing, so you can truly enjoy the food.

Ambience and Local Flavour

If you are looking forward to a complete local experience then add these to your travel itinerary: exotic hotel ambience and fantastic local flavour offered by a restaurant. Staying in a hotel that offers a unique setting will be something that you can talk about for ages. Similarly, tasting cuisine that is unique to the location can also make for a truly unforgettable moment.

Family Friendliness

If you are travelling as a whole family, complete with the kids and even tagging the grandparents along, then you may want to include in your options the family friendliness of a hotel or restaurant. Check for the hotel’s policies that are family-friendly. You’ll also want to eat in restaurants that will offer kid-friendly food treats. The last thing that kids want after an exhausting trip is to be forced to eat foods for grown-ups.


If you are the “green conscious” type, you may also feel the need stay in an eco-friendly accommodation to help ease your mind. Some hotels practice eco-friendly operations and even encourage their guests and the local community to take part in it. This can be a fantastic attribute of the hotel whose ingenious eco-friendly ways you can continue to implement when you get home. This could make for a really good travel memory.

If this is your thing, then you may want to visit organisations like the Green Hotels Association or the Green Globe which list which accommodations are classified as “green hotels.”

How Photos Make Every Travel Journey Special

Why is travelling such a popular thing for people today? With the emergence of the internet and the ability of people from all over the world to share their experiences, people have now aspirations of experiencing it themselves. Through photography and Sydney photo booth for hire, they can immortalize these experiences and they can even share it now through the internet. From the food they ate to the places they’ve gone, anyone can tell their travel story. Travelling and photos indeed go hand in hand, and it makes it a more worldly experience that is ought to be shared.

Now easier than ever

Sydney photo booth for hire photographyAnyone can be a photographer. Smart phone photography, professional cameras, or even Sydney photo booth for hire do its job by snapping that perfect travel moment. These pictures can be used as aides when a person is retelling their experience, or it could be that person’s way of expressing their artistry. Travelling has been so accessible and so has taking pictures, that’s why both have been increasingly popular over the years.

Going back to taking pictures via smart phone, there is no doubt that this is the most convenient form of photography – especially in the modern age. Just like Sydney photo booth for hire, it’s so easy and it only takes a few clicks or taps to get them going. This could also be a great factor as to why travelling and taking pictures have gone off to where they are today. Since a lot of people have smart phones, they all have the ability to capture every special moment anywhere and anytime it may happen. Not to mention, these gadgets are so portable and it makes travelling and taking pictures everywhere just as easy.

A story to tell

Travelers often like talking about their experiences in every place they’ve been. This is best done through photography and Sydney photo booth for hire. Through their snaps, they are able to tell a story through the elements of the photo – like the subject and setting. Pictures don’t even have to be artistically beautiful, what matters is that is that they are able to tell a story on its own and it has a special meaning to the person who took it. A simple photo can say a lot about a place’s culture and its locals – things that are definitely worth sharing.

Capture even special moment – easily!

Talking about special moments that should be captured by photography, Sydney photo booth for hire has services fit for any wedding, birthday, or any special occasion! Wherever the special event may be, the booth can be easily installed and used by guests. They can take special snaps with their buddies during the event anytime, all they have to do is tap a few buttons on the screens and all they have to do is smile!

Just like how easy it is to take photos in this day in age, Sydney photo booth for hire makes documenting special moments in your lives as easy as pie. When it comes to these events, photography is essential to make it a solid and physical form of a memory. The best thing about the photo booth is that there is no external manpower to operate it. Guests can have a ball posing playfully while the booth does it job by making that moment last forever. Not to mention, the photo booth has many options in terms of customization. Those who decide to avail of this service will have the option to choose their frames, backgrounds, props, and so much more.

Photography in the form of Sydney photo booth for hire is just a simple way of making the already easy task of capturing special moments through pictures even easier. Whether it’s for travel or to be present in someone’s big day, each photo is a priceless moment in itself.

A Happy Child Makes A Happy Parent

The essentials of childhood

Your toddler only gets one shot at childhood, and what better way for him to relish this crucial chapter in his life than to have his very own cubby houses. Add a few tents, a great looking high chair to serve as his seat, and a royal cot mattress to sleep on when he’s tired from running all around the garden, and he finally has his own country, where he declares himself president at the age of five.

You’ll be surprised to know how fast your little tyke absorbs knowledge when surrounded by the right learning material and equipment. There are various kids’outdoor activities and play sets that moms and dads can choose from.

Learn and enjoy

kids outdoor - cot mattressIn this era where people have grown to become extremely dependent to the by-products of technology, it’s vital that we understand the essence of letting our children live a balanced and healthy life. We should let our kids be kids, before they get past that age. Because of overexposure to online games and social media platforms, some kids tend to forget how to enjoy the ‘real’ games.

If you compare your childhood to what your tot is doing now, the list of differences would be endless. Children of the past, way back to our ancestors, were pretty content playing ball outside the house, or throwing snow and water filled balloons at their neighbors. You’d probably recall a time when you left the house wearing a perfectly clean white shirt, and returning after an hour with dirt and sand all over your face and body, and the best part was you actually enjoyed rolling in the mud.

There were a hundred things to do with so little time, and you and your friends in the neighborhood always meet at this secret sanctuary to play your favorite game of tag. You knew how to have fun and there was always enjoyment.

Have them explore

One of the greatest fears that instinctively comes with parenthood is the fear that your child might get hurt if you let him loose or be on his own. This causes most parents to be overprotective, thus affecting the way their children interact with others. It’s true that our kids need protection and supervision, but it’s also critical that we let them have time to discover the world on their own terms, at the right time.

Let them sight see. Have them view nature and engage in different outdoor adventures. If you go back and think about it, you’ll most likely smile when you remember how his becoming a doctor started when he helped his 4-year-old friend put a band aid when she got her knee wounded.

Proper exposure to the outside world and having the right things to surround him with, have tremendous effects on how your child’s intellect gets developed and enhanced. It can start with those cubby houses, his favorite high chair, the tents you used for camping, and the cot mattress he slept on for two years straight.

Managing Your Travel Business Effectively
travel business valuation

If you have a travel business, you will need to handle it with full professionalism. Such business includes the tours and excursions. Regardless of the clients, you must treat them with respect, and you should also be friendly enough. You might have clients who wish to travel to a different location to attend a business meeting. Also, you could have a family who might want a tour of a particular area or national reserve. No matter the purpose of the tour, you should be able to provide the right services to your clients. That means that you should be equipped with the right vehicles to suit different clients.

Determining the value of your business

Business valuation is simply the process of determining the state of your business, in relation to its service and product value. For your travel business, you will need to determine the value of your vehicles and the profits you make when you take the clients on tours or to their destination. This will help you to have an insight of what the business makes. Once you carry out the business valuation, you will have a picture of the state where the business stands. This will now allow you to carry out the succession planning.

Working on the exit plan

Successful business owners tend to plan for their replacements ahead of time. Before they decide on when to exit the company, they will have list of who can potentially replace them. Succession planning is the process of identifying a candidate that is suitable to replace you as a manager or owner. Other than replacing you, the candidate should have the potential of sustaining and even improving the growth of the business. You can be sure that the company will keep growing, even after you leave.

Who should take the top seat?

As you carry out the succession planning, you must ensure that you choose a person who will not have a hard time carrying the mantle of the company. You should consider factors like the interest of the person in the niche. Here, you can choose a person that considers traveling an interest. Even though they will not be traveling, they will know what is best for the clients. You can then educate them on how to effectively manage the business. They must have authority and strong leadership skills to be successful.

What is the relevance of travel business?

The good part of the travel business is that you can be sure of clients throughout the year. Even if it is not during the holidays, you can still get clients. Some people travel for business purposes, and others travel to explore different places. Other than the good client turnout, you will also have the chance of meeting different people. It can also help you to go global, especially if your clients are traveling out of the country.

With the right succession planning strategies, you can relax and see your company keep growing, even after your exit. You should expand your considerations when choosing your replacement. The person you choose must be there to manage and control the business accordingly. You may join heads with business owners of the same niche to get more tips on handling the exit plan.

Pests Are Not Sydneysiders Favourite Wild Animals

Sydney is an amazing city that is literally alive with wildlife. Some wild animals are city dwellers too. Gliders, possums, bandicoots, lizards, insects, snakes and many spectacular birds and other invertebrates live and forage around the city. Sydney parks, ponds, building and even backyards provide opportunities for many species. Suburbs that are close to national parks that surround the city have many diversity of wildlife. However, the city has a few unwelcome creatures from mildly deadly to just plain old annoying pests. Pests are not Sydneysiders favourite wild animals.

Sydneysiders love their food. A restaurant or a café owner knows that repeat customers can be turned off if there’s a pest around let alone in their meal. Pest such as rats, flies, birds and cockroaches seek shelter within cafes and restaurants from the cold outside for warmth and a regular source of food. Food business owners must take all reasonable precautions to prevent food pest from gaining entry into food preparation and storage areas to prevent contamination of food stuff. If authorities hear or see pest invasion it would be disastrous to business owners the requirement for pest control is of outmost importance.

Food hygiene is important to public health that is why restaurants and cafes must adhere to food industry standards. Pests such as mice, flies, rats and cockroaches pose a threat to hygiene standards because of their disease risks. Restaurant owners who have worked hard to establish their business’ reputation for food, service and hygiene would be ruined if pests will be discovered during an inspection or a result of a complaint. This could lead to their business being closed costing money and potentially ruin their business reputation. It is food business owners’ responsibility to effectively prevent pest invasion. Problems that can be caused by pests to food business owners include:
• Contamination of food stuff
• Contamination of food preparation areas
• Damage to upholstery, electrical wiring and equipment
• Risk of food patrons eating contaminated food
• Expose employees and customers to diseases
• Loss of income and increased costs
• Loss of reputation
• Closure of business

Pest problems cost money by contaminating food and causing damage to the place of business. Food business owners must have to do everything they could to prevent pests from getting into preparation and storage areas.

Cockroaches will eat almost anything and carry food poisoning organisms on their bodies. They can spread diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery and polio. Large numbers of cockroaches produce a musty smell, they like warm, damp and dark areas. Cockroaches can thrive with just water for a long time. Reduce access to liquid to help control cockroach populations. Reduce potential hiding places by removing clutter and fixing loose wallpaper, tiles and sealing shut cracks and crevices. Vacuum regularly to suck up cockroaches, their eggs and the materials they feed on. You can also call Best Pest Control for cockroach control in Sydney.

Rodents like rats and mice can cause serious health risk because they carry fleas, mites and ticks as well as viruses and bacteria. Rat urine can cause leptospirosis by contaminating food and food packaging. Regularly check for signs of rodents, it only takes a few days for infestation to get out of hand. Look for rodent droppings, gnawed food packaging, greasy smear marks on walls and floor junction and signs of rodent dead or alive. Take measure to ensure rodents cannot enter the premises. Seal all gaps on the premises using hard to gnaw material like cement, hard filler, mortar, brush trips and fine gauge wire mesh. Keep the premises clean and ensure all food is covered when not in use.

Flies can cause contamination when it lands on food, equipment or food preparation areas. Flies carry diseases on their body hairs, the pads of their feet and in their faeces. They can spread bacteria such as salmonella, cholera and typhoid, they can contaminate through their saliva when feeding. It is very common for flies to infest business especially during summer. Owners can take action to prevent them entering the premises and contaminating food by keeping all doors and windows closed or by putting fly screens and mesh. Wash chopping boards and work tops at regular intervals throughout the working day. Food waste bags need to be tied up and placed into bins with lids and closed. Do not leave food uncovered nor allow fruits and vegetables to over ripen or decay as this attracts flies. Clean drains and gullies at the end of the day, don’t leave any food waste.

Ants are mostly a nuisance because they can get into and contaminate food. Ants can enter the premises when they are searching for food. Never leave food sitting out on counters or dirty dishes in the sink. Wipe up spills immediately and keep the floor clean. Take out the trash every night and clean the trash bin regularly Spot any easy entry points for ants. If you find ants, follow the ant trail to find out where they are entering. Seal the crack or space they are entering or spread some petroleum jelly on the area to prevent them from entering. Sweep or vacuum up all the ants to remove them from the area. Natural remedies like vinegar, spearmint oil, garlic or pepper can also be used to stop infestations. Call a qualified pest control company to treat the issue at once.

Birds can cause nuisance with their droppings by making stairways, balconies and pavements slippery especially in wet weather. Nesting birds can cause damage to buildings and structures. Birds can carry bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter that can cause diseases. Birds also carry mites from their downy feathers that can cause food contamination. Birds enter buildings to get food, take shelter or build nests. To stop them from getting into the premises, avoid having gaps or holes bigger than 20mm in diameter. Block gaps where birds can perch or hop through. Seal gaps under eaves and have missing roof tiles replaces. Disturb birds by shooting off their perches and destroy nesting materials and eggs.

Owning a restaurant or café is not an easy task. There are many things to think and deal with every single day to stay in business. Pest invasion can be an absolute worst thing that could happen. Diners don’t look forward to spotting pests as they eat their meals. Adhering to food hygiene for public health is very important. It’s every owner’s responsibility to do all appropriate arrangements to effectively prevent pests from entering their business premises. The quickest and most efficient way to deal with pest invasion is calling a technician who is qualified to treat food establishments to treat the issue at once. Setting up a monthly or bi-monthly pest control treatment is important to keep all future pests out.

Fun Things To Do When Travelling In Sydney

Australia is a top travel destination for visitors looking for a unique vacation. One of the most popular options for visitors is travelling in Sydney. Whether you are looking for a natural getaway, or would like to enjoy some quality time on the family vacation, there are enough fun activities in Sydney to keep you hooked. Most visitors marvel at the fact that Sydney’s top destinations are just as popular as corporate entertainment for business travellers. With options ranging from formal dinners to gala events, companies are spoilt for choice, and some even opt for a magician show in Sydney to leave an impression on their attendants.

Attractions found in Sydney

corporate entertainment - sam powersSydney’s diversity is what makes this city endearing to visitors from all over the world. There are different categories of activities that you may choose to engage in. Whether you are a lover of the natural outdoors, or prefer going at the old museums and modern architectural, you can be sure to enjoy the Brisbane experience.

Make time to head to the beach and simply unwind. Coogee and Bondi beaches are actually a favorite for the locals; think glistening waters, endless pristine sands and the allure of the golden sun. Remember to carry your swimsuits if you’d like to spend a day by the beach.

Nature lovers will also marvel at the conservation of plants during a visit to The Royal Botanic Gardens, a lush garden that is tucked away in Sydney. The vibrantly colored plants make for an excellent learning opportunity, as does the setting of the garden. Depending on the nature of the event you would like to hold as far as corporate entertainment is concerned, you may deem it important to get in touch with the garden’s management.

Contemporary attractions found in Sydney

There is no shortage of contemporary attractions in Sydney. Make plans to head out to the Australian National Maritime Museum, a delightful facility that houses relics from the maritime sector. That, plus as a harbour city, it is only proper that a functional maritime museum is present on location.

Susannah Place Museum is also a place of interest for visitors who are keen to explore the city’s hidden gems while travelling in Sydney. Built close to two centuries ago, Susannah features a set of four unique terrace houses whose history can be traced back to the presence of Irish immigrants. This certainly presents a perfect way to walk back in time. Other contemporary attractions include the Pylon Lookout which offers panoramic views of Sydney, The Rocks, a swanky nightclub where you can enjoy a night out as well as the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Fun activities for the kids

If you are travelling in Sydney with the kids, you need to find kid-friendly places to visit. The Sydney Observatory is a good place to start as the kids get to learn so much more about the world we live in. Alternatively, make your way to the IMAX Theatre and catch all your favorite movies on big screen. Top up this exhilarating experience by scaling the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Travelling in Sydney, just like any other travel destination, requires that visitors plan well ahead of time.Look out for the cluster of attractions that you would like to visit, and map them out. In addition to this, ensure that you get a handful of top attractions for kids in the city as well as check any offers that you may use up on the way.

Hot Asian Nights in Sydney

People love to spend the rest of their evening looking for delectable dishes as they go over town. This is the perfect time to relax and unwind as you are done from work. Asian cuisine has been popular in Sydney especially with the unique and distinct flavors that they bring into the table. Hot Asian nights in Sydney are becoming well known making it a must try for the community.

One of the most popular Asian culinary that happens once a year in Sydney are the famous night noodle markets that is available in October or November depending on the location. Here you will find a huge variety of Asian cuisine served fresh and hot along with the usual stalls, the smoky atmosphere, the sizzling sounds and the heaving crowds. Noodles of course, aren’t the only dishes that will be served as they a huge selection of cuisine from varying stalls. As such, Sydney night noodle markets are something that both the local communities as well as tourists look forward to in Sydney.

Since night noodle markets are not available on regular day to day basis, it can be a bit disheartening to find that you’ve either miss the event or perhaps arrived too early. With that being said, it is good to hear that one will not be finding any shortage of Asian inspired restaurants to satisfy your cravings for an authentic late night dining cuisine that available all throughout the year in Sydney.

For instance, Golden Century Seafood Restaurant just as their name implies, provides a diverse selection of fresh seafood dishes for their customers to try out. This include live abalone and lobster sashimi, steamed scallops, steamed live prawns, deep fried mud crab and many more.

If Korean dishes are your liking, you will be pleased to find Daejangkum in Sydney which is known for their Korean BBQ. This however, is different from your average everyday barbecue especially since cooking is done in their customer’s table directly. This is made possible with the self-exhaustion system that is found in every DJK’s table BBQ roaster. As such, you will be able to see your dishes get cooked right in front of your eyes. Their meals come with a combination of beef, pork, chicken, pork belly, kimchi, prawn, baby octopus, beef spare ribs etc.

Being able to taste the different flavors of Asian cuisine is indeed a very exciting experience. Chat Thai specializes in Thai delicacies that are perfect for late night dining. They have grilled pork skewers, chicken stay skewers, grilled pork dumplings, steamed wonton dumplings, steamed egg custard, fresh spring rolls, prawn cakes, marinated pork loin and the list goes on.

Another noteworthy restaurant to add to your list is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken which is a Taiwanese Restaurants that provides takeaway & fast food. This is perfect if you want to keep moving in the evening while your grab a bite. Here you will find large fried chicken available in original and crispy flavor, chicken bites, sweet potato, mushrooms and curly fries.

The night is young and there are still a lot of Asian restaurants that were not included in this list. Finding these restaurants is part of the journey and here you will discover new locales that may cater to your preference and needs.

What To Expect in Some of the World’s Best Airports

Airports are working day and night to ensure that travelers have a seamless journey, and more importantly, an easier way to transit. Part of the reason for this is the exponential growth of the tourism and travel that has created many more opportunities for travelers across the globe. For many tourists, the prospects of getting stuck at the airport are very dreadful, and for good reason as it is easy to get anxious and not enjoy a single minute of your vacation.

World’s best airports

corporate chauffeurTo put this in perspective, it helps to take a look at the latest list of the world’s best airports. This list is produced by the World Airport Awards, and shows the top 100 airports following an extensive survey carried out prior to the awards. The listed airports give you a glimpse into some of the best places to enjoy your travel experience. Think of corporate chauffeur services, clean facilities, practical services and a host of amazing amenities that range from movie theatres to invigorating spas and swanky shops for your retail therapy.

If part of your travel plans revolve around the Asian continent, then you sure want to travel through the renowned Singapore Changi International Airport. One of the repeat entities in the list, Changi Airport boasts seamless airport transfer for visitors to Singapore. In case your layover happens to be in this airport, you can look out for some of the opulent services where you can immerse yourself, and for a moment, forget that this is a layover.

The Incheon International Airport in Seoul South Korea, also offers an exciting travel opportunity for you to enjoy your trip, with its super fast WiFi, comfortable seating space and overall outstanding services. If you arrive at the Incheon International Airport and plan to stay at any of the hotels that dot Seoul, then look out for the several professional companies that offer airport transfer services. Other airports worth checking out in different destinations include Vancouver International Airport in Canada, Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia as well as Helsinki in Finland.

Corporate Chauffeur Services

The choice of corporate chauffeur services from the airport is specially designed for corporate travelers looking for a simple way to travel from the airport professionally. Most of the service providers available in this sector have taken up prompt services, efficient driving, and overall srategies to help make sure that your corporate itinerary is not jumbled. The choice of vehicles goes hand in hand with these services. Look out for a company with a comprehensive array of vehicles to suit your processional tastes and preferences, such as, but not limited to the Mercedes, The Rolls Royce as well as the Bentley among others.

More importantly perhaps, is that the chauffeur drivers have got to be bound by a close in the contract that clearly stipulates confidentiality. this is because with corporate travelers, sometimes business has to go on as ususal, creating the need to observe business decorum and discretion. Another factor that is considered by business travelers looking for chauffeur services from the airport is time.Typically, at the time of your booking, you will be provided by a reasonable time frame so that you can make amendments should the need to change your itinerary on short notice.

Additional services offered by chauffeur companies that will change your corporate travels

‘Meet and Greet’ services are one of the most convenient services on offer. Just as the name suggests, these services ensure that your arrival and subsequent airport transfer go as smoothly as possible. This also incorporates the professional handling of your luggage, ensuring that you have peace of mind to focus on what is really impoertant, and that is your corporate visit. Additionally, it helps if the chauffer company is aware of how much waiting time you should anticipate. Needless to say, prominent chauffer service companies endeovur to ensure that the waiting period is minimal. The good news is that most of the world’s best aiports have taken this into account to oversee the check-in and checkout of travelers with remarkable ease.

Summer Is Coming: And So Are Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases cases are increasing at a very alarming rate. Teens are prone in developing such diseases especially since they are curious with the world around them unsuspecting of the unknown dangers that they may be facing. Summer is coming and so are sexually transmitted diseases. Let us consider the widespread of STDs, its types causes in an effort to effectively avoid them.

Sexually Transmitted Infection also referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and venereal diseases (VD), are infections that are commonly spread by sex, especially vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. There are different types of STIs however they can be broken down into three basic types: Bacterial, Viral and Parasitic.  You will find Vaginitis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) under Bacterial. Genital Herpes, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or Genital Warts, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are identified as Viral. Lastly, with Trichomonas can be found with parasitic cases.

Most other sexual infections, while potentially dangerous, can be cured with antibiotics. H.I.V. cannot, though it can be controlled with antiretroviral drugs or daily pills that taken for life. As such, the most effective way of preventing STIs is by not having sex. However, this may not be entirely possible for some. Instead, safer sex practices is being urged which includes the use of condoms, having a smaller number of sexual partners, and being in a relationship where each person only has sex with the other also decreases the risk. Circumcision in males may be effective to prevent some infections

The latest report card on Australia’s sexual health, by the University of NSW’s Kirby Institute, is a mixed bag. Even though new HIV infections have flattened out over the past three years, along with Chlamydia in recent times, more Australians are being diagnosed with gonorrhea and syphilis. And rates of sexually transmitted infections remain much higher in Australia’s indigenous population, with the HIV diagnosis rate increasing over the past five years.

The increase in popularity of “hookup apps“have been blamed for surge in sexually transmitted infections reported in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island department of health attributed the rise to “high-risk behaviors that have become more common in recent years”, which it said included “using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters”. This includes apps such as Grindr, Tinder, Blender, Happn, Scruff, Down, Pure, Glimpse, JSwipe, Hinge and more that are used to meet up and hook up with complete online strangers. This in turn increases the risk of unsuspecting online users to contracting sexually transmitted disease to their partner.

If you feel like you have developed a sexually transmitted infection, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest sexual health clinic around you and they are more eager to help you with your problem. Early diagnosis is one of the keys on how to effectively combat the threat of STIs. It is good to hear that these clinics have setup and established their services over the internet for easy access and view. As a result, more and more individuals were able to find comfort and the much needed help online and were able to setup appointments in a timely and effectively manner. Check them out today.

The Wildest Racetracks in Australia

Australia has more racetracks and racing clubs, and more racehorses than any other country. There are more than 360 registered racecourses where horse racing takes place during about 3,050 race meetings. Different racing events are held seven days a week, except Christmas and Good Friday. Race meetings are conducted daily by Metropolitan, Provincial and Country Race Clubs. Every state has a range of quality provincial, country and metropolitan racetracks that hold great race meetings all year round. The racing season begins on August 1st each year and the end of the racing season concludes on July 30th.

The world’s most esteemed and scenic racecourses can be found in Australia. The most famous race tracks are those close state capitals such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. These metropolitan racetracks host the highly anticipated racing carnivals that attract the Australian racing crop elite. The wildest racetracks in Australia are:

Flemington Racecourse, run by Victoria Racing Club is the wildest and the most well-known racecourse in Australia. The track is located a short distance from Melbourne. It is the home of the Melbourne Cup, the most prestigious Thoroughbred horse race. It is the racing event that stops the nation; the official race day is a public holiday in Victoria. Around the country most of the people stop to bet on the race and watch it on tv. Regular horse racing punter bet online through online betting sites like Crownbet Bookmakers. Other high quality horse races include Victoria Derby, Turnbull Stakes, Lightning Stakes, Newmarket Handicap and Australian Cup.

Caulfied Racecourse, run by Melbourne Racing Club is a premier racing track located eight kilometres south east of Melbourne CBD. It is one of the wildest and most famous racetracks in Australia which is the home of the Caulfield Cup, as well as many other race meetings. The Caulfield Cup ranks among the top five races in Australia. Caulfield Guineas, Orr Stakes, Blue Diamond Stakes, Underwood Stakes, Oakleigh Plate and Futurity Stakes are held in Caulfield Racetrack.

Moonee Valley
Moonee Valley Racecourse, run by Moonee Valley Racing Club is home to the Cox Plate, Australia’s third richest race. The Cox Plate is worth in excess of $3 million, the richest weight-for-age race in Australia. Racing takes place in an anti-clockwise direction and this is the only Melbourne track that offer night racing. Other great races held at Moonee Valley include the Manikato Stakes, William Reid Stakes, and Australia Stakes.

Randwick Racecourse in Sydney is a world famous racetrack. In 1992, it was granted the right to be known as Royal Randwick by Queen Elizabeth. The track has the state-of-the-art grandstand and world-class function facilities. Its signature race is the Australian Derby held on the second Saturday in April after the Golden Slipper. In spring Randwick comes alive with the Epsom Handicap on the Saturday of Labour Day long weekend. Other big races run at Randwick include the Sydney Cup and Doncaster Handicap

Canberra Racecourse also known as Thoroughbred Park features two race tracks, the all-weather Acton Track and the turf course proper. It is one of the most modern racetracks in Australia that offers the beautiful view of the metro and the tranquility of the countryside. The Canberra Racing Club’s major race day is the Seppelt Black Opal Stakes every second Sunday of March each year and the Canberra Cup raced each year on a Sunday in November.

Eagle Farm
Eagle Farm Racecourse in Brisbane is Queensland’s wildest track and home to the Brisbane Winter carnival. It is run by Brisbane Racing Club which hosts the Brisbane Cup. Eagle Farm is a clockwise track with grass surface and sand composite underlay it is commonly used for flat racing. The track is known for its ability to be an all season’s course that can cope with any kind of weather conditions.

Alice Springs
Alice Springs in Northern Territory is one of the most scenic and beautifully situated tracks in the country. It is run by Alice Springs Turf Club and home of Alice Springs Cup which is held every first Monday in May. It has a great carnival atmosphere which can be enjoyed by racing visitors. Their most famous racing event is Young Gun’s Day held on Saturday over the May long weekend.

Morphettville Racecourse in Adelaide hosts major horse racing including Adelaide Cup, Robert Sangster Stakes, Australasian Oaks and The Goodwood Handicap. It features two racetracks the Morphettville Track and Morphettville Parks Track. These tracks can host both flat racing as well as steeple and hurdle races.

Darwin Racecourse, also known as Fannie Bay Racecourse is run by Darwin Turf Club. It is the home of the Darwin Cup which is one of the biggest sporting events in Northern Territory. More than 20,000 people attend the race every year. It boasts of a unique track which is made from oil mixed with sand, as opposed to the traditional turf overlay. The racecourse offers above average provincial dirt track with tropical gardens, premier pavilions, air conditioned pavilions and a variety of function rooms.

Planning To Go Rafting In Thailand? Here is what you need to know

rafting experience thailandThailand is a beautiful tourist destination for anyone looking for unique outdoor activities in Southeast Asia. In the past, water rafting has grown to be one of the most popular water sports. The adrenaline that comes from hurtling down at terrific speeds with nothing but a rubber raft and protective gear makes this sport as endearing as it is energetic. In addition, tourists have the option of settling for a more quiet adventure by taking on the beauty of the verdant jungles and majestic mist-spraying waterfalls while floating on the rivers. Welcome to the Thailand rafting experience.

There are several locations where adventurous tourists can indulge in water rafting. Some of the choice options for this outdoor adventure include Geng Hin Poeg, Umphang and Pai. Geng Hin Poeg is close to another beautiful destination known as Panchiburi. Umphang, on the other hand, is pretty remote, so if you take on this adventure, be prepared to also enjoy an expedition in the wild.

Wherever you choose to go to enjoy a Thailand rafting experience, there are a few factors that you need to put into consideration. Obtaining accurate information on the rafting adventure is actually the first step towards enjoying the experience. The next section outlines some of the things that need to be considered when planning for a rafting trip.

Rafting Season

This is perhaps the most important factor as it determines the kind of adventure one is set to experience. The best time to go rafting in Thailand is between July and February. This is because the rainy season in Thailand lasts between May and September. During this period leading up to February, the forests are lush and green, and the rivers vibrant, which is what makes water rafting quite the experience. What’s more, visitors who can schedule their trips before December get to enjoy flexible rates as tourism peaks between December and February.

Particulars of the rafting experience

Water rafting is both an exhilarating outdoor adventure and a sporty one, so it demands a certain level of fitness. In line with this, the choice rafting company may put in place age restrictions depending on the stipulated terms and conditions. Since this is a group sport, tourists may need to form a team prior to the adventure, or plan to meet up with other outdoor lovers on location.

However, the latter is tricky when tourism is low since the number of people present may not warrant the water rafting adventure. Tourists must also note that for many rafting companies, they have to book in advance to secure their slots for a particular rafting schedule. Rafting equipment is usually included in the package cost, but it is important to confirm this ahead of the trip.

Choice of rafting tour

Depending on the select tour company, tourists get to choose between private rafting tours and customized tours. This is often determined by the budget available as well as the preferred rafting destinations, alongside extras such as food, refreshments and accommodation.

Water rafting is an exciting experience, and certainly one of the most fascinating ways to enjoy amazing Thailand. For the trip to be a success, however, tourists need to plan well in advance. There are a number of companies that offer rafting services, so it helps to check respective websites and make advance bookings. This ensures a seamless and memorable water adventure in Thailand’s magical waters.

Walking on the Spiritually Wild Side

Experience an inspirational and uplifting health, spiritual and sustainable lifestyle event at the Conscious Living Expo and Conference running from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 August 2015 at the Australian Technology Park Conference Centre in Eveleigh. The event is showcasing the five elements of living consciously: Earth, Food Health, Arts and Spirit. Creating connections for the expansion of consciousness and inspiring people to co-create a sustainable way of living is the purpose of the events.

Conscious Living Expo and Conference provide a local and global platform for emerging speakers, authors, musicians, and artists to showcase their ideas, to express their purpose and vision in contributing to a more conscious world. It also encourages businesses to engage in a sustainable and conscious world of peace and abundance. They are connecting people who are interested in walking on the spiritually wild side to live their purpose on the planet with leaders and innovators.

21 August 2015 – Friday 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
22 August 2015 – Saturday 9:30 am – 6:30 pm.
23 August 2015 – Sunday 9:30 am – 5:30pm.
Venue: Australian Technology Park Sydney
2 Locomotive St Eveleigh NSW 2015

The 3 day expo features over 80 leading businesses and practitioners in organic food & nutrition, health & wellbeing, sustainable eco-living, spirituality and creative arts. Participants can attend workshops, seminars as well as meet leading authors and experts in health and sustainable living. Experiential healing and meditations, as well as intuitive consultations, natural therapy treatments and workshops are also included.

Participants can sample and purchase healthy organic products, attend talks, discussion panels and meditations with leading authors and practitioners of natural therapies, spiritual and psychic development. Live music and variety of performances can also be enjoyed. Some of the attractions available include complementary medicine, natural therapies, organic food and nutrition, natural beauty, eco-friendly solutions, conscious parenting, creative arts, holistic business and career opportunities, celebrity clairvoyant mediums, psychics and a lot more.

Alongside the expo is a 3-day Conference with 15 keynote speakers on the new paradigm of collaborative co-creative success.

Conference Speakers:
Robert Kirby – Heart Centred Business & Relationships
Shakti Durga – Ignite your Spirit
Chris James – Conscious presence communication
Isira Sananda – Awaken you
Mason Taylor – Conscious Food for a Conscious World
Heather Pope – Senior Corporate Executive with a passion for women’s health
Russel Setright – Diet and Nutrition for Success
Donna Gianniotis – True harmony through Yoga
Quentin Strauli – Is there still a place for passion in your business
Nikki White – Competition is Out – Collaboration is in
Katrena Friel – 10 Secrets to Business Success
Cameron Little – Green Customer Choices
Jeevi Ramtel – Raw Desserts Master Class
Lorri Loca – Foodie Dream to Reality

Conference Schedule
Friday 2.30pm-5pm Shifting to the New Earth Conference
David Lubimoff & Dr. Lana Lubimoff – Universal Soul Love
Brendan D. Murphy – Solutions to the Matrix and the Global Conspiracy: Getting Awake, Aware and Empowered
Gerard Bini – Energetic Shifts on the Planet

6.30-8.30pm Conscious Living Conference
Chris James – Conscious Presence, Communication and True Listening
Donna Gianniotis – Yoga, Healing and Breast Cancer
Robert Kirby – Heart Centred Relationships

Saturday 9.30am-12pm Fueling and Energising
Russell Setright – Diet for Success: Promoting good nutrition and lifestyle in a company can increase productivity and job satisfaction.
Mason Taylor – Unifying Health, Abundance and Purpose
Chris James – Voice Tune up – Find your voice, de-stress and let your spirit soar
Cameron Little – Green Shopping Consumer Choices

Saturday 12.30-2.15pm Raw Desserts Master Class with Jeevi Ramtel and Hannah Ubl

Saturday 5pm-6.30pm Foodie Dream to Reality: Workshop with Foodie Coach, Lorri Loca

Saturday 2.30pm-5pm
Shakti Durga -Ignite Your Spirit – Wake up the World
Robert Kirby – Jump Start Your Business with Heart
Heather Pope – Finding your Purpose on Everything
Shanti Music

Sunday 9.30am-12pm
Isira Sananda – Awakening You
Quentin Strauli – Is there Still a Place for Passion in Your Business?
Patricia Hamilton Interviews Robert Kirby

Sunday 2.30pm-5.00pm
Nikki White – Competition is out – Collaboration is in
Katrena Friel – 10 Secrets for Refreshing Business Success
Christine Reid – Leap of Faith Tours

Work on the Wild Side: Legal Adult Work in Australia

We all know the Lou Reed song “Walk on the Wild Side” – but what about if you find yourself in Australia and short of cash? Well, here’s a list of perfectly legal adult work you can do working at night – or during the day – and very likely on weekends.

Brothel Receptionist
A brothel work that doesn’t involves sex. Brothel receptionist is paid lower than brothel girls; they normally make $30 an hour. Job description covers answering phones, explaining booking procedure to clients, billing, receiving payments and issuing receipts.

Stripper in Gentlemen’s Bar
Strippers typically remove clothing for an audience and dancing in front of audience while performing sexually suggestive movements. They may also perform a full nude and choreographed strip show in theme attire. Strippers have to be interested in showcasing their body to others. They need to have skills in the area of dance, acting and sexual performance. They also have to be attractive, in good physical condition and have ability to slide up and down a pole for hours.

Phone Sex Operator
If you feel like working at home, confident, not easily offended and able to talk dirty and have a wild sexual imagination, working in the online adult entertainment may be for you. If you have a sexy voice you can earn more than $1 per minute by chatting up with men and women looking for company. PSO earn an average of $15 an hour, but specializing in fetishes or other interest can earn your more. Open an account with phone sex websites  directories. These sites can give you free advertising and traffic to your site.

Webcam Models
Adult webcam modeling is the most lucrative work-at-home job in the adult entertainment industry. A webcam model doesn’t necessarily bare it all, but those who show their skin earn more. On average a webcam model earns between $500 and $1,000 per 20 hour work week, that’s quite a bit of pay for a part time job. Part-time webcam modeling allows you to study, spend time with family, run a business or pursue other careers.

Skimpy Waitress (Lingerie Waitress)
Lingerie waitress wears bikini or lacy lingerie that leaves nothing to imagination to entertain and mingle with guest. They serve food, mix and serve beverages and participate in party games. This is an adult waitress service and not a lapdancing or table-top service. Waitresses do not dance, their main responsibilities are to entertain and serve guests. They only serve meals and drinks, chat, interact and may even flirt with guests.

High class escort job is a high paying adult work opportunity for students and travelers who find themselves short of cash. Escort girls get a lucrative career and lifestyle to match. Escort service has a potential to earn up to $3,000 to $8,000 a week. Escort service management agencies accept all nationality and can help travelers with accommodation. There’s no experience required, most agencies provide full training including grooming, etiquette, styling and fashion advice. Those who do not want to work for an agency can work as an independent escort. There are independent escort directories that showcase private escorts and enable clients to locate them easily.

Adult Massage Operator
You can make a lot of money working in the “rub and tug” industry. There are many massage parlours throughout Australia, almost one in every suburb which provides sensual massage to help clients relax. If you are a kinky girl that gets pleasure from seeing a man enjoy gentle caress adult massage parlour is the perfect place to show off your unique skills.

12 Date Night Sydney Restaurants & Bars
Australian Seafood

Online dating is growing in popularity and more and more people are joining the craze. There are several Dating websites that offer such service to a huge number of online users today. As you converse with someone online, the time to meet them in person will eventually arrive and you need to leave a lasting impression by taking them to romantic restaurants. Listed below are 12 Date Night Sydney Restaurant & Bars that you may want to consider when you bring your date with you.

  1. A Tavola

348 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

+61 2 9331 7871

One of Sydney’s best places to go for authentic Italian pasta, A Tavola serves a variety of Italian inspired cuisine for that relaxing and intimate evening.

  1. China Doll

Shop 4/6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, Australia

+61 2 9380 6744

Experience a unique and distinct taste of Chinese dishes with a nice view from its spectacular vista of the city skyline at China Doll.

  1. Monopole

71A Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

+61 2 9360 4410

Create your own tasting menu and choose from a remarkable wine list that features over a 500 wines from around the world at Monopole.

  1. The Bridge Room

44 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9247 7000

Find modern Australian cuisine served fresh in a fine dining restaurant setting at the Bridge Room.

  1. Aria

1 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9240 2255

Their elegant, glass-walled dining room gives off that sophisticated look along with a nice atmosphere and ambience which is perfect for late night dates.

  1. The Bathers Pavilion Restaurant

4 The Esplanade, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

+61 2 9969 5050

Located near Balmoral beach club, Bathers Pavilion serves seasonal Modern European cuisine with over 250 wines selections along with a nice view of the beach.

  1. Billy Kwong

1/28 Macleay St, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011, Australia

+61 2 9332 3300

Chinese eating house with the dynamism of an open kitchen, this is what you will find during your visit at Billy Kwong. Enjoy a mixture of authentic Australian-Chinese food for that special evening.

  1. Bistro Moncur

116 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025, Australia

+61 2 9327 9713

Experience a relaxing evening with French Bistro Classics along with its award winning list of predominantly Australian & French Wines at Bistro Moncur.


  1. Tokonoma Sydney

44 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9251 8185

Try something new and fresh with your overall date night experience with Japanese insipired dishes found at Tokonoma.

  1. Sepia Restaurant

201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9283 1990

Aside from their restaurant setting, Sepia is also visited due to its Bar Dining with a wine list that is always updated and offers an expansive range of global wines by the glass.

  1. The Victoria Room

235 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

+61 2 9357 4488

Bring your date during the weekend with live jazz music on Sunday nights as you enjoy European dishes served at The Victoria Room.

  1. Claires Kitchen at le Salon

35 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

+61 2 9283 1891

Another French inspired restaurant that offers a unique and romantic setting with ornate fireplace and boudoir lighting can be found at Claire’s.

Car Rental Services in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast’s Hidden Gems

Sunshine Coast is a must-visit for tourists traveling to Australia. See, this heavenly destination not only lives up to its name, it also is one of the most fascinating car rental destinations in the region. The ease of hiring a car for travel and leisure in the Sunshine Coast is something that many visitors marvel at. That’s because, whether you are from Asia or America, a hired car allows you to experience the warmth and charm of the Coast’s surreal attractions the same way a local would. Think about the breathtakingly beautiful palm-fringed beaches, the azure waters, the lush green forest canopies and the rolling mountain slopes. All these await you when you rent a car from any of the companies in Sunshine Coast.

Renting a car in Sunshine Coast

car for hireAs with most popular tourist destinations, Sunshine Coast boasts some of Australia’s most fascinating natural attractions. For foreigners traveling from different parts of the world, one of the most convenient ways of enjoying these attractions is by hiring a car and then exploring the area. This has the advantage of allowing individuals to tour as they please, arguably the most amazing way to indulge in a given culture. By making use of car rental services, such a trip is certain to be an exciting fun-filled adventure.

There are two ways to go about Car Hire Sunshine Coast. The first is to carry out an online search for car rental companies in the area. The best thing about this platform is that it can be used prior to your travel period, and is accessible from any part of the world. Online booking for car rental services also allows you to get a customized option depending on your needs. Usually, this revolves around the number of people traveling, the needs of the travelers (such as the needs for physically challenged persons) as well as the type of vehicle for hire. The latter is influenced by one’s destination because what a visitor heading to the mountain tops would require is remarkably different from what a city traveler would need.

The second alternative is to physically visit a car rental company on arrival at Sunshine Coast. The advantage of doing so is that you can easily land great last-minute deals on your choice cars. The drawback of this choice however, arises from the fact that you have to be physically present. For this reason, this option works best for travelers who love spontaneity.

Travel tips when using car hire services

When hiring a car in Sunshine Coast, and indeed anywhere in Australia, it is important to remember that toll charges may be incurred on a number of the major roads. Car Rental companies may have different policies regarding toll charges, so you need to be well aware of how your choice company handles matters that pertain to toll charges.

Secondly, as with any other travel company, make sure to read the stipulated terms and conditions before driving away in the hired car. This way, you not only know what to expect when dealing with the car rental company, you also enjoy peace of mind to have fun during your travels.

12 Adult Pastimes for Over 18s
Late Night Pastimes

Whether you’re looking for a sexy time, a late night grub or something to put a naughty smirk on your face, there are plenty of secret night spots to satiate whatever cravings you may have.

Here’s the run down on the best adult pastimes for people over 18…

Hugos Lounge
33 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross Sydney
Ph: 02 9357 4411
Hugos Lounge is a fancy nightclub in the bustling entertainment hub, Kings Cross. One of the top night spots in Sydney, this up market inner-city bar and restaurant offers great ambiance with soft mood lighting and live house music. You’ll enjoy great pizza, delicious mains and an extensive cocktail list when you visit here.

The Bank Hotel 324 King St, Newtown
Ph: 02 8568 1900
Waywards is Newtown’s newest late-night, live music venue. This cocktail den has a house party vibe for some late night shenanigans. So if you enjoy cold beers, pizza and music into the night, Waywards is the place to go.

The Bourbon
22 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, NSW
The Bourbon hotel is probably one of Kings Cross’ finest bars. There’s free entry, live music from Thursday to Saturday, amazing food and a great cocktail and wine list too. It’s fairly expensive, so bring a little extra money but you certainly get what you pay for.

Stitch Bar
61 York Street, Sydney
Ph: 02 9279 0380
Another great little buzzy bar in the heart of the Sydney CBD, Stitch Bar offers a great cocktail selection and delicious American diner food. This vintage bar has an interesting concept and could easily be mistaken as a sewing shop because of its quirky Singer sewing machine theme.

Frankie’s Pizza
50 Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW
If you’re after some amazing pizza and beer in a grunge type surrounding with a rock n’ roll vibe then you should check out Frankie’s Pizza. This pizza joint is a brilliant spot with an underground feel. Frankie’s is one of the coolest spots in Sydney, an excellent place with matching food and drinks. They’re open until 3am daily.

Jimmy Liks
186-188 Victoria St Potts Point, NSW
Ph: 02 8354 1400
Jimmy Liks is a sophisticated contemporary Asian inspired restaurant in Potts Point serving tasty Thai street food fare in an atmospheric environment which feels more like a classy bar. If it’s really good food you’re after, the mouth watering food here, plus the great cocktail and wine list will not disappoint.

The Couples Club
226 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Swing in style at The Couples Club, Sydney’s first council approved sex on premises adult club. This swingers club’s venue is like a nightclub where like-minded couples meet for some sexy flirting and more.

Our Secret Spot
93 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, NSW
0478 131 769
Our Secret Spot is one of the hottest and glamorous swingers club in Sydney offering a very sexy experience in a lustful environment. Couples will enjoy the freedom of sexual expression with their partner and other like-minded couples in this adult club.

The Kastle
131 Abercrombie Street Chippendale, NSW
Ph: 02 9690 1150
Step into the BDSM world at The Kastle, Sydney’s most successful BDSM dungeon. Whether you’re a submissive or a dominant, The Kastle will let you live out your most powerful fantasies and deepest desires.

Club Lush
Lvl 2, 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
Ph: 02 9331 3467
Club Lush is Sydney’s premier fetish dance club. If you’re looking for a fun evening of dance, onstage performances, dirty play, debauchery and self-indulgence, Club Lush await your presence.

Show Girls
41 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross
Show Girls is one of the famous strip clubs in Sydney providing its patrons a sexually charged experience. Let gorgeous strippers put a show for you and pamper you with a back rub, seduce you with a lap dance, and keep you company for the night.

535 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff
Ph: 02 9363 0250
Sydney’s multi award-winning establishment Liaisons is known as one of the best brothels that offer Sydney escorts services. Spend sensual moments with gorgeous and sexy ladies in a variety of nationalities that provide the highest quality of service for your pleasure when you visit Liaisons.

Short Term Loans for Travel Purposes

Holidays are best enjoyed when travelling. This can be done by you alone or with a company of friends. With that being said, travelling especially in distant locations can cost a substantial amount of resources especially since you are not only paying for the travel fee alone. Of course, people will be spending money on bookings and reservations for hotels as well as fees during their tours. For that matter, it is important to prepare for such trips in advance to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of not being able to pay up for your travels. This however, can be a bit problematic especially when uncalled or unexpected trips occur. This is where short term loans for travel purposes become a huge blessing in disguise as one is able to continue to pursue their activity even when their budget is limited for the time being.

Travel loans don’t necessarily require one to owe huge amount of debt unless if you are planning on travelling all over the world which very is unlikely and impractical. This is the reason why most travel loans they are under the short term loans category. In such case, borrowers are required to pay their loans in less than a year which gives them a fair amount of time to clear their debts. But having said that, before one decides to pursue short term loans during their travels, they need to carefully assess their income in the next couple of months or so if they indeed able to pay their loans in time.

When considering short term loans whether for travel or for other purpose, it important for one to ask a few questions to themselves. For instance, how much do I really need for my travel? Having a rough estimate on how much you will be spending can greatly reduce the overall burden that you will be carrying especially since this can help you to avoid the habit of overspending. In addition, if you borrow just the right amount of cash, the interest rate will not trouble you that much. The amount of time you will need the money is also an important factor to consider. This can help gauge your stretch goals and give you an overview on when you will be able to clear your debt. Is your travel going to take you a couple of days, weeks or even months?

If you have clear goals set in mind, then your travels with be smooth sailing while at the same time make you feel at ease. The holiday season is fast approaching. Make sure that you have the necessary amount of resources in order to make the most out of your holiday vacation. Of course, unexpected turn of events may occur making you spend your precious savings unwillingly. It is good to hear that short term loans exists and are there to help individuals find a quick source of cash that are given to them in a timely and convenient manner.


The Bare Facts – The Best Nudist Beaches in Australia
best nudist beaches australia


To most of us, being naked in public is a big deal so, while nudists dare to go bare, many of us blush at the thought of stripping down to our birthday suits.

Social nudity is all about the freedom of being comfortable with your body, whatever your shape is. It’s being open-minded and accepting of your own body and the bodies of others.

Here are some of the best and most recognised nudist beaches in Australia, where naturists can bare it all…

Obelisk Beach
Part of Obelisk Bay, this nudist beach in Mosman NSW is located on the southern side of the National Park area of Middle Head in Sydney Harbour. The beach tends to be quiet and tranquil as it gets low traffic and is one of the gay-friendly beaches in Inner Sydney.

Cobblers Beach
Officially sanctioned as a clothing optional beach, Cobblers is found on the northern edge of Middle Head near Mosman. This nudist beach is a favourite spot amongst quiet, respectful, and friendly people who enjoy an open and accepting setting.

Lady Bay
Lady Bay, sometimes called Lady Jane Beach is one of Australia’s oldest and most publicised legal nude beaches. It’s found on the south head entrance to Sydney Harbour in the suburb of Watson’s Bay. This tiny beach is also one of the gay-friendly beaches that welcome visitors and first timers looking for a place to be free.

Birdie Beach
Located on the North Coast, Birdie beach is one of the legal nudist beaches in NSW. There is a mainly male presence on this beach, but women will feel comfortable too, as couples also frequent the area. The ocean is also perfect for body surfing.

Sunnyside Beach
Sunnyside Beach is a legal nudist beach in Victoria. This bay beach is quite long, has beautiful golden sand with some rocks and little seaweed. You’ll find a mix of singles, couples and families on this friendly beach.

Point Impossible
Point Impossible is another one of the excellent clothing optional locations in Victoria. This family-friendly beach has an incredibly wide expanse of sand sloping up to a backdrop of huge vegetated sand dunes. The clothing optional area starts from the foot of the dunes out to 100m offshore. No one is allowed to be in the dunes as it’s a protected environmental area.

Maslin Beach
Maslin Beach or simply Maslin’s have to be the best unclad beach in South Australia. You’ll enjoy its beautiful clean water and outstanding cliffs as well as the perfectly hidden caves which can protect you from the extreme heat of the sun. The southern half of Maslin Beach was declared Australia’s first official nudist beach and is considered to be a naturist’s prized beach.

Pelican Point Beach
Pelican Point is one of the legal Australian nudist beaches located on the western shores of Lake Bonney. This beach is perfect for the adventurous nudist as they can engage in different activities such as sailing, canoeing and even hiking naked.

Alexandria Bay
Alexandria Bay is Queensland’s most popular free beach located on the eastern side of the Noosa Heads National Park. For many years, it’s been used for nude swimming and sunbathing, but still has remained unofficial in spite of many requests. You can expect quite a lot of people on the beach, especially on weekends. The southern end is where the naturists tend to flock.

Buchans Point
Buchans Point is located at the very southern end of Ellis Beach, just north of Palm Cove. It is by far the most popular unofficial clothes optional beach in this area and has been recognised as such for many years. There are no legal nude beaches in Cairns which makes Buchans Point the official unofficial nudist beach in the area.

The legality of nudist beaches in Australia depends on its state and local council. To date, the only Australian states without legal nudist beaches are Queensland and Tasmania. However, you’ll still find a number of unofficial nudist beaches in these states.




Australia’s Best Tourism Marketing Videos on YouTube

Marketing has gone a very long way has evolved into several shapes and form. Back then, the main means of marketing was found only through the word of mouth or in the paper. Marketing has received its fair share of innovation and changes especially with the advancement of modern technology. This in return helped it stay relevant and up to date for years to come. Marketing videos became one of the main means to convince and encourage its viewers to try out something new and fresh. Be it a product, a service or a destination, marketing videos did its job quite well providing the much needed visibility and exposure. To find the measure of its success, let us see Australia’s Best Tourism Marketing Videos on YouTube and discuss why it is effective.

The first video is quite old dating from 1984. With that being said, even with its age it is still considered to be one of the best tourism marketing videos on YouTube. First and foremost, one of the reasons behind this is with its overall length. The video is only 42 seconds short and did not definitely overstayed its welcome. Nowadays, people seem to forget how important it is to convey short and concise messages to your viewers with the video that you are showing.

Aside from its length, this tourism video is also filled with a touch of light humor which can be very funny at times. This greatly represents how fun and lighthearted the people of Australia are and that feeling alone turns Australia into a nice and happy place to visit aside from the nice attractions and locales of course that is found in the video. Finally, the lines were delivered by Australian comedian Paul Hogan adds to that extra charm.

The second video takes on a much different route keeping things fresh and interesting to its viewers. One of its main strengths can be found with its slew of different background and setting. One moment you are on the country side and next you are on the beach and this cycles repeatedly providing a different background and setting. This gives its viewers firm grasp in what to expect upon their visit to Australia. Finally it ends in a note saying “where the bloody hell are you?” delivered in not an offensive manner but as an invitation for others to come visit their country.

Today, we are more dependent on vivid images and displays along with the message that it conveys when it comes to marketing. Indeed, a tourism video will attract more attention compared to a written article. This is the reason why more and more countries are embracing tourism marketing videos wholeheartedly. However, you can’t create such videos on a whim without the necessary tools and knowledge beforehand. This is where a definitive marketing strategy can become quite handy as it helps streamline the whole process. You can find out more about such strategies by looking them up over the internet today and see other marketing videos as well.

12 Cool Eco-Green Tours in Australia
  1. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Cape Range National Park, Western Australia

Sal Salis is designed as an exclusive bush camp hidden in the dunes. Its spacious safari tents provide breathtaking views of the sea and the land.

  1. Paperback Camp

Jervis Bay, NSW South Coast

Paperback Camp is able to combine the best of both worlds with its Architectural design providing a beautiful and comfortable setting as they explore the local area and to enjoy its.

  1. Bamarru Plains

West of Kakadu National Park

Experience an outback Australian safari setting upon your visit at Bamarru Plains. Enjoy both the wildlife and birdlife as you tour their abode.

  1. Zoofari

Dubbo, Western Plains Zoo, NSW

A magical up close experiences with wildlife awaits guests at Zoofari Lodge. You can spend the entire day touring in the Zoo grounds and enjoy a variety of dishes with meals provided by their staff.

  1. EcoCrakenBack

Crackenback Valley, Snowy Mountains

Bushwalking, horse riding, mountain biking, and skiing are one of the many activities in stored for guest at EcoCrakenBack.

  1. Curringa Farm

West Coast Tasmania, one hour from Hobart

If you love a more traditional farm setting, Curringa Farm is able to provide such a familiar and relaxing atmosphere with its BBQ Lunch and Farm Tour.

  1. Lyola Pavilions in the Forest

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, S.E Qld

Eco tours can sometimes take an entire day or even more to finish. Complete your overall experience by staying in a one of a kind location at Lyola Pavilions.

  1. The Canopy Treehouses

Cairns Highlands (90 mins. west of Cairns)

Another great place to stay as you complete your eco tour can be found at the Canopy Treehouses. You will find that this eco rainforest resort provides an award winning luxury accommodation while at the same time is an advocate for environmental and wildlife principles.

  1. Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

Mossman-Daintree Road Daintree 4873 QLD Australia

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa creates a perfect mix and combination of nature, nurture & culture in a true rainforest experience with tours provides on a regular day to day basis.

  1. Kingfisher Bay Resort

PMB 1 Urangan Hervey Bay Queensland 4655

Find personalized tours at Kingfisher Bay Resort, giving guest firm grasp of activities that they want to engage in. This includes hiking, swimming with the fishes, watching turtles play in t he lakes and so much more.

  1. Kooljaman

Kooljaman Cape Leveque PMB 8 Cape Leveque Via Broome W.A 6725

Enjoy the company of Brian Lee with Hunters Creek Tagalong tours at Kooljaman as he shares his country and unique Aboriginal perspective with you during your travels.

  1. Freycinet Experience Walk

Friendly Beaches, Coles Bay TAS 7215, Australia

Last but not the least the friendly beaches tours provided to you by Freycinet Experience Walk. Sign up for a 4 day guided walk for their full experience

These eco tours are all made possible with the combined efforts of those who aid in keeping our environment safe and clean through recycling and any other means. Definitely check out the sites listed above and plan out your eco tours in advance today.

12 Favorite Grey Nomad Destinations in Australia
  1. Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)

Canberra is a perfect nomad destination especially with its excellent museums, art galleries, exhibitions, and festivals. They also have a great balance of urban and rural locales giving individuals a variety of leisure activities to choose from.

  1. Blue Mountains (New South Wales)

One of the most visited places in Australia, Blue Mountains provide their guests with spectacular sandstone cliffs, deep gorges, stunning bushwalks, amazing wildflow­ers, varied wildlife, and historic towns.

  1. Broken Hill (New South Wales)

You can find the Living Desert in Broken Hill which has an amazing Sculpture Symposium and is also home to a rich array of flora and fauna and hosts some su­perb walking trails and paths.

  1. Central Coast (New South Wales)

You will find a plethora of beautiful beaches, incredible national parks, gorgeous lakes and some truly fascinating towns when you visit the Central Coasts in New South Wales. This along with their beautiful coastal towns and villages makes it a great place to visit.

  1. Alice Springs (Northern Territory)

Alice Springs is surrounded by magnificent red desert giving that warm and colorful feel. The periods May to September are ideal time to visit with its cloudless skies and cold nocturnal evenings.

  1. Litchfield National Park (Northern Territory)

The wonderful group of spring-fed waterfalls is one of the major attractions of Litchfield National Park. This gives visitors a variety of locales to choose from when planning on visiting their waterfalls.

  1. Birdsville (Queensland)

If you prefer a stay in a much quieter ambience and setting, Birdsville provides the right amount of remoteness while at the same time is well equipped with establishments such as mechanics, restau­rants, art galleries, a general store, a post office and a medi­cal clinic.

  1. Blackall (Queensland)

Blackall has an impressive collection of heritage buildings and tree-lined streets which is also a part of the grassy ecosystem of the Mitchell Grass Downs.

  1. Eyre Peninsula (South Australia)

You will find several remote areas in Eyre Peninsula which makes a great place for nomads to unwind and relax. They also have several nice free camping spots and superb beaches to visit.

  1. Kangaroo Island (South Australia)

Kangaroo Island is filled with wildlife, white sandy beaches and natural wonders which are a perfect combination to those who want to experience nature in its truest form.

  1. Caves Road (Western Australia)

A perfect spot for nomads to camp can be found at the Caves Road with its spectacular beaches, rugged coastline, amazing caves, fantastic little towns, great wineries and moderate weather.

  1. Edenhope (Victoria)

Edenhope is abundant in plant and animal life. Nomads will find a great spot to try fly-fishing for redfin and trout with their lakes.

Consider living a life as a grey nomad once you reached your desired age. Of course, this endeavor will require a fair amount of resources and it is ideal to start saving and investing early. Self managed super funds (SMSF) can be a blessing in disguise to those who want to save effectively.